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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mystery Complete

WOW, it has been a fast few weeks here. I have been very busy fielding questions and giving tutorials on the mystery quilt "Hot Air Balloons". It was a huge success and we all had a lot of fun. Here is a pic of my quilt top before I added the two outside borders.... border #1 was a 4" grey, #2 I am still trying to decide whether to add red or black. I love the contrast and beauty of the design. It was fun to see so many quilters make it. I broke it down into six pretty equal parts. The steps were really easy and I feel we accomplished a beautiful quilt with minimal effort. The hardest part were the flying geese. The entire quilt is made of half square triangles, solid blocks, and flying geese. I'll post the pattern on here when I have it ready to publish.

 Well, it is Thanksgiving Day here in America, so I thought I would just document a few things I am thankful for. First and foremost, I am so thankful for my husband. Having had the past two years of our married life as some of the hardest...facing death from cancer, I cannot express my deep love and admiration for my man. And, for our children (in-laws included!!) who were there to support and love through everything. It amazes me how they show love and are my strength. The grandchildren, wow, what more can I say. With ten in our brood, we are a very blessed couple. For my home, my church, and my family...I am truly thankful. Thank you God for making all this possible, for without You, where would we be. Thank you for those who protect our freedoms everyday, you are deeply appreciated.

With the food all taken care of, the children relaxing, and a bit of laundry in the machine, I think I will go sew for a while. Have a fantastic day! I am thankful for you!

Happy Thanksgiving,