Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear.............

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Happy Camper

I ordered some fur from a place I have never ordered from before. It came yesterday and I am one happy camper. I ordered some joint discs as well. SO EXCITED! The fur is over two inches long and very dense and thick. And, just look how white and "clean" it looks! I can't wait to design a bear for this.....

I didn't get much done in the hairdresser's chair yesterday, I was in a total of three chairs and moved around a lot. I got a few pieces cut on the ted. I will fit it in when I can.

I did some more testing for Jess, but it's a secret so I can't show you. Just know it's fun! I did another one block test, she hasn't finished the rest of the pattern yet, it is for the June mystery. I love this lady and how she's on the ball!

Today the Saturday mystery comes out! Next Saturday is the reveal (three weeks), it was a short one this time. I am ready with those purple/cream four patch units. I hope to spend most of the day in my studio. Can you believe it is the last day of February already, where has this year gone!?

I hope you have a pleasant weekend and have tons of time to enjoy doing something you love. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. Please share with us!!

happy weekend everyone,


Friday, February 27, 2015

I Know, I Know...

I know I said I wasn't going to work on a bear for a while, BUT...I am going to the hairdresser today and I will be sitting in the chair for a while and I can't take my sewing machine, so I am going to work on a little guy. I took the one I just made, shrunk it, redesigned the body and am ready to go again. I want to get it all onto the fur before I have to leave in a couple hours, I'm sure I will make it. 

Ladies Bible Study went well yesterday afternoon. I enjoy studying with others, getting their views and maybe seeing something I missed. Thanks to all the ladies for doing the study and coming to join our group.

After the study, my friend stayed to work on her bear. I taught her how to joint and we put the eyes in....she continued working at home. She sent this to me last night. I just love it. Now for the fun part....she gets to add the character with the face. TOO FUN!! For the first bear she's made, I think it's perfect and what a fantastic job! 

Well, I need to get this bear on the fur and feed my husband so I can get out of here. Have a wonderful day. I hope you have time to do something you enjoy. Please share your progress!

happy Friday,


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Still Testing...

Today I will be busy testing for Jess at The Quilt and Needle. She sent out her email today about the mystery with a kit option. She thinks of everything! While I was waiting for the next clue to be released, she asked me to test a block she had designed for her local quilt shop, a postcard block. It is beautiful and much easier than it looks, although my corners aren't perfect.

While working on these, I am trying to catch up on another mystery from the quiltingboard.com.  I finally got the four-patches done and am ready for Saturday's clue. I am working on the strip quilt for The Quilt and Needle amongst all this.  AND this afternoon is Ladies Bible Study at my house, so I am cleaning and preparing for that. Talk about a lesson in priorities!

I need to get this published and finish up in my studio to be ready for this afternoon. I hope your day is fantastic and you have some time to do the things you love. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. Please post on our Facebook page (The Crafter's Thread) or join and use the Pieces Squared page. Hope to see you there.

enjoy today!



Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Testing and Other Things

I got all the fabric cut last night and I am waiting for Jess to send the next step. I can't wait to get started this morning. Since I can't post pics of the cut pieces of fabric for the mystery yet...I will show you the other teddy bear I finished Monday evening. This is a full body pic, the other one is closer to her face.


I decided I liked the feet and most of the head of the one I showed you yesterday, so I re-designed the legs, arms, body and head to come up with this little beaut. I say little, but she is 13 inches tall when standing. I love her purple-y paws and the nose...too sweet. 

I am having to step back from the teddy bears for a few days and finish up some sewing. The arthritis in my hands is flaring up something fierce and hand stitching is out of the question for right now.

Don't forget, if you want to join me in making the mystery... thequiltandneedle.com March Mystery. I know you will have fun! The most fabric we used was just over three yards, all others were under a yard, not too much for a bed sized quilt. 

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. Hope your day is fantastic and you have time to do something you enjoy.  Thanks to those of you who have posted recently on the Facebook pages, we are inspired! See you tomorrow.

happy sewing (or whatever you find to do!),


Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I didn't have the internet as we were told we would on our few days away...SAD! We are home and the weekend is behind us. It has been a busy couple of days. I finished two teds in the past few days (while we were away) and came home to finish a couple of quilts. Jess has me testing another quilt...woo hoo...she said I could show you the fabrics.These are for the mystery coming soon on thequiltandneedle.com, it's the March Mystery. I love the fabrics and the name she's chosen. You should give it a try, she's a fantastic pattern designer, her patterns look hard but she makes them easy. Other than the yellow, these are my choices. I chose a brighter yellow. Can't show you any more....it's a secret! Come join the fun!


I finished this one first...actually the first day we were gone. My friend that went with us crocheted the scarf, ADORABLE!! I love this old grandpa bear.

I got the fabric for the quilt cut, worked on another one, and am ready for tomorrow!!

Have a great day. Hope you have time to do something you enjoy. See you tomorrow.

happy crafting!



Wednesday, February 18, 2015


We went to the oncologist Tuesday and after a slue of blood tests, scans, and doctor visits, we finally have a total CANCER FREE from the oncologist. We got the all clear from his surgeon a couple weeks ago, releasing him from further follow ups with her and she gave us the CLEAN colonoscopy report, coupled with yesterday's oncology report, we are praising the LORD for His healing and watch care over us! We know only God heals, but thank everyone for their prayers and support over the past 2 years, it's been a long haul. We are so glad it is behind us and we can move forward and serve the One who heals and protects.

I did make some progress on the teddy bear, but didn't finish, so no pics today. Also, don't want to spoil the good news of the all clear!

We are heading out for a few days away now, I will be posting while we are away. I am teaching my friend how to make a teddy bear, we are going to have fun! We are also going to be CELEBRATING and thanking GOD all week.

Hope you have a great day. Life is too short, please take time to do something you enjoy.

happy crafting,


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Kinda Mousy

Well, my pile of parts turned into a real teddy bear, but it still looks a bit mousy if you ask me! I like all the "adjustments" I made to this one. Just wondering what this head and face are going to look like when it's done. I still have the ears pinned in place, it looks like one is a bit higher than the other in this pic too...better fix that! I filled the body, arms, and head with polyfil, but the legs are entirely plastic pellets, what fun! We are off to Mayo Clinic this morning for a barrage of tests for my husband, first full body scan since diagnosis of colon cancer. I will take this bear with me and finish up this face , giving it a growly instead of a mousy face! 

Looking straight on the face, you can see that mousy thing coming out. I am hoping with a bit of a shave and sculpting, we can change his entire personality! He needs to be brave and strong, not timid to go with his size!!

I need to finish packing up and get out of here, rush hour traffic and an entire day at the hospital to deal with. I should probably pack something else to work on as well. I will have a lot of quiet time while he's in his tests.  We head out tomorrow for three days away. I am not sure of internet access, I hope to post progress each day. My husband is going fishing with a friend, his wife and I are going to have a "craft retreat". Looking forward to the time away.

Hope your day is fantastic and you have plenty of time to do the things you love. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. See you tomorrow!

happy crafting,


Monday, February 16, 2015

Pile of Parts

The best laid plans of mice and men.... Why don't things ever turn out the way we want or think, or even plan for them to for that matter?? I was supposed to spend the entire weekend in my studio and didn't get even one hour in here. BUT, I spent a lot of time in the car over the weekend and got the teddy bear parts all sewn together. I am looking forward to jointing and stuffing today.
My go bag just got dumped onto my cutting table, everything ready to joint. I used different proportions, I threw tradition out the window, I just played around. I went back to a four piece body as I like the definition I can get. The arms are really curved and feet BIG. The head is longer from nose to neck with huge ears, whereas usually I make them longer from top of head to neck. I just really jumped out of the box head first!!

I want to get busy with this bear and clear the quilt out of the sewing machine. I also have to go help my parents in law with a few things. I thought when the grandchildren went home it would quiet down around here....I am wishing they were back!!! ALL OF THEM!!

I hope you have a great day. I found out a dear friend is having a boy, I'm so excited for her. I want to do something for her....more on the pile of things to do! I love being busy. I hope you do too. AND you get a lot of time to do something you love today. Please post your progress and invite friends to like our Crafter's Thread or Pieces Squared Facebook page. More inspiration means more fun!

happy crafting,


Saturday, February 14, 2015

"Bear" Necessities

Friday was a busy day out of the house. I did get a little bit of stitching done in the afternoon. I really need a day to spend on this computer and on the sewing machine. BUT, not last night, after the busy day out, I needed the heating pad. I took my "go" bag to the bed and sat with the heating pad and stitched for a couple of hours before bed. Today should be more productive....YAY!

Here is the fur I am working with. I chose the darker paw pad fabric. I am going to try to get this big one all together today. Since I hand stitch each one, it takes a while. I will spend most of the day on the sewing machine working on finishing up the test quilt. Should be a free afternoon. My sweet husband gave me some spending money and I am going to order some fur, eyes, and joint discs...how fun is that?!?!?!

This is what I will start with (of course after the design on paper) today. I will take my go bag with me when we are out this morning and early afternoon, and work on the quilt the rest of the day. With it being Valentine's Day, my sweetness loves to take me to lunch to go with the flowers and necklace he gave me...he's too good to me, I DON'T DESERVE HIM!!! I thank the LORD daily for him.

Hope your day and weekend are great. I hope you have some time to do something you enjoy. Looking forward to our time away next week...we haven't had alone time in months, it will be nice. Three days will seem like forever, I'm sure. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.  Please take the time to post your projects on our Crafter's Thread or Pieces Squared pages on Facebook. We love hearing from you and seeing what you're working on.

Happy Valentine's Day,


Friday, February 13, 2015

Where's Waldo???

Where do you begin when you have had a couple of months of grandchildren around the house, sitting beside you in your craft area, sewing away with you. You spend most of your time caring for them and their needs and you have let the room go to the dust bunnies??? I guess at the beginning! I have a huge mess and a lot of unfinished projects begging to be finished (and at least one more begging to be started). It is like where's Waldo trying to find my sewing machine, I can't find my ironing board. Mackenzie "dressed" all of the bears she could reach and they are all sitting here beside my machine. Her and Riley's chairs both sitting here as well.  Some things I don't have the heart to put away yet, others I just need out of my way. I am one lucky Nana to have had all of our grandchildren home during the holidays. We really missed seeing our son serving in the military, currently deployed.

I think since I have tidied a bit, I will reward myself with designing another bear. I want to design a different type this time, one with a different type of head and llloonnnnnggg arms and legs. I am ready for the challenge of something funky. I am confident in my designing abilities once again and think I can do this. Here goes nothing.....

I am also finishing up a test quilt for Jessica. She has been very patient while the grandchildren have been here, I owe her a finished quilt...NOW!! 

Hope your day is going great. I can't believe we are at another weekend AND it's February, where has the year gone?!?!?! Enjoy your weekend, I know I will. I think I have a day to just play around, I hope you do too. Please take a couple minutes to invite your friends to like our Crafter's Thread page on Facebook and post your projects...if you send me the pics to post, it will go on the main part of the page, that would be better... debiloves2quilt@yahoo.com

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

enjoy your day,



Sunday, February 8, 2015

Introducing Bamboo

She is a lovely 10-1/2 inch panda. She was a bit tricky to design and complete, but I am pleased with the end product. The challenge was to make the markings as close to a real panda as possible. I learned a few things when designing this one! I learned that the battle over the panda being a bear or racoon seems to never end. Some say we need to just accept that it doesn't fit into either category perfectly!!


Whatever the outcome, I love this little gal and think I may do her in a longer pile fur just for the fun of it! The only thing I may change is the ears. I may even take these off and put a tuck in them to give them more of a curve as the panda has more of a cute half-circle shaped ear. She has two toned legs, body, and head. Her arms are solid black as are her ears. I really enjoyed the entire process this go (but I always do, so that's nothing new!!) All said and done, she's a winner.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. It is our monthly potluck at church...always a fun day. Hope to see your project on one of our Facebook pages (Pieces Squared or The Crafter's Thread). Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. See you tomorrow!

happy crafting,


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Nuttin' Much

Bamboo's debut will be tomorrow...here's hoping! I got her all finished except for the face. The eyes are in, the ears on, the arms and legs all sewn and attached. I just need to look at her for a day now to see how she speaks to me...also to study more nose pictures on the internet. I am pretty pleased with how she came out.

Friday was Tucson zoo day. We haven't been there since the boys were very young. They have added a lot and the children loved it. It was an all day outing, everyone enjoyed themselves but by the time they got home, it was a very quiet house, I think every one was worn out! It was a pretty warm day as well, so the Alaskan in them boiled in the sun!

Here's a selfie of my sidekicks for the duration of the panda making and assorted other sewing in my studio. They are both loving and really don't leave my side all day! Best sidekicks EVER! This girl is amazing with a camera. She takes great pictures, even at seven years old.

I have a couple of quilts I need to get finished, I will be sewing like a mad woman next week, I'm sure. I need to finish off the test quilt and put the wedding ring together. I'll be posting pics and links to the quilts I'm working on then.

Have a fantastic day and rest of your weekend. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. Please take a bit of time to post your projects on our Facebook page... The Crafter's Thread or Pieces Squared. Even ideas are welcome. We all love to be inspired.

happy crafting,


Friday, February 6, 2015

Slow and Steady

Did you ever feel like you were having a day where you were going in slow motion.  Seems like that was me yesterday. It seemed to take forever to get anything done. Partly because It was a rough day on the arthritis front, but partly just weird I guess! I did get all the parts done for the panda. I just need to joint and fill today, I am looking forward to the finished product. Every now and then, Shane poked his head into my studio and asked to see what I was working on. I guess when you can impress a rocket scientist, you did good! (embarrassed face inserted here!) I took a pic of part of the panda, if I took a pic of everything, I would have nothing to WOW you with once she's all together.  I think I told you the other day her name is Bamboo. Fitting name the girls came up with!

I can't believe we are already in February! Time seems to fly by, except for yesterday of course....it was in slow motion all day. I would have thought I could get more done with time moving so slowly, but no!!! I didn't.

I hope you have a great day and that your time goes at the perfect rate for you to get the things done you want and need to. Enjoy everything you do. Have a fantastic weekend. Please post your progress or finished projects on the Crafter's Thread or Pieces Squared. I love seeing your work. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

happy crafting,




Thursday, February 5, 2015

Not So Bad Afterall!

Once I started working on the head, it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be. I got the side heads finished and started putting the entire head together. This isn't the best picture in the world, but you get the idea, I'm putting the top of the head in. You can see the shape of the head coming out.  It is looking pretty good. I'm excited!
The little black patches are sewn into the side head piece. That was a bit fiddly, but in the end I believe it will look more realistic. I also designed the leg a bit different and two-toned so it looks more true panda as well. I didn't make a lot of progress yesterday, but it's all good. I am enjoying having the girls in my studio creating and spending time with me.

We have a relatively quiet day planned for today. I had a foot doctor appointment yesterday and he added a pad in the sole of my shoe to try to relieve some of the nerve pain and I am having a bit of a hard time with pain and getting adjusted to the pad. He also put a "tube" on a toe that has arthritis in it.  Yesterday it didn't bother me, today a bit more. Oh well, such is life when we "mature".

Hope your day is going well and you have some time to do the things you love. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. Please post your projects in progress (pips) on the Facebook page. I love hearing from you and enjoy the inspiration.

happy crafting,


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Piles of Fun

Tuesday was Gavin's birthday, he's the first of our long line of grandchildren. Seems just yesterday he was born and he has been in double digits for a couple of years now, WOW! He wanted lasagne for lunch, so I used my morning to make his lasagne and his mommy made a blue velvet cake as his favorite color is blue. Then he wanted to watch Lord of the Rings....pretty easy kid to please, really.

While they were watching the movie, I was steadily making progress on the panda. I had company for the "scary" parts, they made "dresses, bracelets, and necklaces" for the bears and found there were "so many dresses to make and so few girl bears". I think we finally converted a couple of the bears that were not necessarily girls!
The body and ears are complete. The arms and legs have their pre-stitching done and are pinned to be finished. I haven't started the head as the eye patches are a bit daunting...at least until I start! Hopefully very soon I will be able to introduce you to "Bamboo" as the girls have so aptly named "her". I had to predetermine that she was a girl so my granddaughters can "dress" her!

Hoping your day is fantastic and you spend some time doing the things you love and spend time with those you love! I may not be making much progress on quilts and teddy bears, but I am totally enjoying spending time with our grandchildren (and children as well!). Thanks for stopping by.

I appreciate you,



Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Enjoying the Girls

Monday was filled with sewing away and enjoying the girls in my studio. They were busily beautifying all the teds around the room, taking selfies along the way. I have included a few of the pics they took. Check my facebook page yesterday for more sneak pics of them. They were busy for hours. I had a few minutes to sew in between trips to the ladies room. ~After the headache subsided (thank you Leah for the trip to the drug store for migraine pills!), I had a bit of a tummy bug all afternoon. Ugh...

More pics from the afternoon. Lovin' the attention they spent on the teds.

Loved it even more when they took selfies! So serious in this one! (The ted is one of my favorites) I was moved by this one.

I used two different needles loaded with different colors of thread, sewing white fabric with a needle loaded with white and black fabric with a needle loaded with black thread. I hope to post pics very soon of a closer to finished panda.

Hope you have a fantastic day. With the children back in school after their Christmas breaks (both in the US and overseas), you may have a bit more time to enjoy doing your chosen craft. Thanks for stopping by today. I appreciate you. Please take the time to post on our Facebook page. 

enjoy your day,


Monday, February 2, 2015

Panda Progress

I did make a bit of progress yesterday with the Panda. Amongst the migraine and church services, I got it "glued" to stop the fraying and the body pieces sewn together. I love the way it's coming together. Shane is impressed with him, that's a good start! I am enjoying the challenge of coming up with a small bear keeping the proportions of black and white correct. I studied pandas for quite a while before drawing the pattern. The one thing I decided to leave off after the cotton prototype was the "bib" in the back. Pandas have a white section from their neck to their shoulders that is a white horseshoe shape. I decided the pattern would be too intimidating for others to copy if I put that in. Otherwise, I think we are doing pretty good!
There are quite a few pieces with all the patches of black here and there. I added white to the leg and black to the face for the eyes. There are 29 pieces whereas the "normal" bears have 21 to 23 depending on the number of body parts or head shape one uses. Well actually there could be less, I do a three piece leg and others do a two piece...so many options, so little time!

I should get off here and try to get this panda sewn together, I also have the test quilt in the machine that I need to clear. I still have Alaska family in, sew time is precious. BUT, time with the grandchildren is not replaceable! I choose to spend time with them...

Enjoy your day. I will sew a bit while the children are chilling after lunch. Hope you have some time to do the things you love. Please take the time to post to our Facebook page (The Crafter's Thread or Pieces Squared) to inspire others. I have been seeing some lovely projects lately! Thank You!

happy crafting,


Sunday, February 1, 2015


Today is my day to share my wee Bobbin.  Our Alaska crew is here and they brought my Christmas present with them.  She is an adorable teeny weeny. She looks just like Henry (my two year old teeny weeny) and loves to snuggle on my lap. SOOO SWEET, I just love her already! Nothin' better than playing in my studio with her around.

She is just a mini version of Henry and her markings are gorgeous. Her personality is sweet and cuddly. She fits right in around here. She is still missing her four brothers and her mommy, but she is slowly getting used to us. She is doing really well with her potty training and sleeping...she sleeps all night! She is almost 12 weeks old.

Today is church day, I may not have much time to sew, but I will share with you tomorrow what I get done, if anything. Hope your day is fantastic and you get some time to do something you love. Please stop by our Facebook page and let me know what you're doing, can't wait to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by,