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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Happy Camper

I ordered some fur from a place I have never ordered from before. It came yesterday and I am one happy camper. I ordered some joint discs as well. SO EXCITED! The fur is over two inches long and very dense and thick. And, just look how white and "clean" it looks! I can't wait to design a bear for this.....

I didn't get much done in the hairdresser's chair yesterday, I was in a total of three chairs and moved around a lot. I got a few pieces cut on the ted. I will fit it in when I can.

I did some more testing for Jess, but it's a secret so I can't show you. Just know it's fun! I did another one block test, she hasn't finished the rest of the pattern yet, it is for the June mystery. I love this lady and how she's on the ball!

Today the Saturday mystery comes out! Next Saturday is the reveal (three weeks), it was a short one this time. I am ready with those purple/cream four patch units. I hope to spend most of the day in my studio. Can you believe it is the last day of February already, where has this year gone!?

I hope you have a pleasant weekend and have tons of time to enjoy doing something you love. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. Please share with us!!

happy weekend everyone,


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