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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Testing and Other Things

I got all the fabric cut last night and I am waiting for Jess to send the next step. I can't wait to get started this morning. Since I can't post pics of the cut pieces of fabric for the mystery yet...I will show you the other teddy bear I finished Monday evening. This is a full body pic, the other one is closer to her face.


I decided I liked the feet and most of the head of the one I showed you yesterday, so I re-designed the legs, arms, body and head to come up with this little beaut. I say little, but she is 13 inches tall when standing. I love her purple-y paws and the nose...too sweet. 

I am having to step back from the teddy bears for a few days and finish up some sewing. The arthritis in my hands is flaring up something fierce and hand stitching is out of the question for right now.

Don't forget, if you want to join me in making the mystery... thequiltandneedle.com March Mystery. I know you will have fun! The most fabric we used was just over three yards, all others were under a yard, not too much for a bed sized quilt. 

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. Hope your day is fantastic and you have time to do something you enjoy.  Thanks to those of you who have posted recently on the Facebook pages, we are inspired! See you tomorrow.

happy sewing (or whatever you find to do!),


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