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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I didn't have the internet as we were told we would on our few days away...SAD! We are home and the weekend is behind us. It has been a busy couple of days. I finished two teds in the past few days (while we were away) and came home to finish a couple of quilts. Jess has me testing another quilt...woo hoo...she said I could show you the fabrics.These are for the mystery coming soon on thequiltandneedle.com, it's the March Mystery. I love the fabrics and the name she's chosen. You should give it a try, she's a fantastic pattern designer, her patterns look hard but she makes them easy. Other than the yellow, these are my choices. I chose a brighter yellow. Can't show you any more....it's a secret! Come join the fun!


I finished this one first...actually the first day we were gone. My friend that went with us crocheted the scarf, ADORABLE!! I love this old grandpa bear.

I got the fabric for the quilt cut, worked on another one, and am ready for tomorrow!!

Have a great day. Hope you have time to do something you enjoy. See you tomorrow.

happy crafting!



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