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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Introducing Bamboo

She is a lovely 10-1/2 inch panda. She was a bit tricky to design and complete, but I am pleased with the end product. The challenge was to make the markings as close to a real panda as possible. I learned a few things when designing this one! I learned that the battle over the panda being a bear or racoon seems to never end. Some say we need to just accept that it doesn't fit into either category perfectly!!


Whatever the outcome, I love this little gal and think I may do her in a longer pile fur just for the fun of it! The only thing I may change is the ears. I may even take these off and put a tuck in them to give them more of a curve as the panda has more of a cute half-circle shaped ear. She has two toned legs, body, and head. Her arms are solid black as are her ears. I really enjoyed the entire process this go (but I always do, so that's nothing new!!) All said and done, she's a winner.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. It is our monthly potluck at church...always a fun day. Hope to see your project on one of our Facebook pages (Pieces Squared or The Crafter's Thread). Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. See you tomorrow!

happy crafting,


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