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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Enjoying the Girls

Monday was filled with sewing away and enjoying the girls in my studio. They were busily beautifying all the teds around the room, taking selfies along the way. I have included a few of the pics they took. Check my facebook page yesterday for more sneak pics of them. They were busy for hours. I had a few minutes to sew in between trips to the ladies room. ~After the headache subsided (thank you Leah for the trip to the drug store for migraine pills!), I had a bit of a tummy bug all afternoon. Ugh...

More pics from the afternoon. Lovin' the attention they spent on the teds.

Loved it even more when they took selfies! So serious in this one! (The ted is one of my favorites) I was moved by this one.

I used two different needles loaded with different colors of thread, sewing white fabric with a needle loaded with white and black fabric with a needle loaded with black thread. I hope to post pics very soon of a closer to finished panda.

Hope you have a fantastic day. With the children back in school after their Christmas breaks (both in the US and overseas), you may have a bit more time to enjoy doing your chosen craft. Thanks for stopping by today. I appreciate you. Please take the time to post on our Facebook page. 

enjoy your day,


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