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Monday, February 16, 2015

Pile of Parts

The best laid plans of mice and men.... Why don't things ever turn out the way we want or think, or even plan for them to for that matter?? I was supposed to spend the entire weekend in my studio and didn't get even one hour in here. BUT, I spent a lot of time in the car over the weekend and got the teddy bear parts all sewn together. I am looking forward to jointing and stuffing today.
My go bag just got dumped onto my cutting table, everything ready to joint. I used different proportions, I threw tradition out the window, I just played around. I went back to a four piece body as I like the definition I can get. The arms are really curved and feet BIG. The head is longer from nose to neck with huge ears, whereas usually I make them longer from top of head to neck. I just really jumped out of the box head first!!

I want to get busy with this bear and clear the quilt out of the sewing machine. I also have to go help my parents in law with a few things. I thought when the grandchildren went home it would quiet down around here....I am wishing they were back!!! ALL OF THEM!!

I hope you have a great day. I found out a dear friend is having a boy, I'm so excited for her. I want to do something for her....more on the pile of things to do! I love being busy. I hope you do too. AND you get a lot of time to do something you love today. Please post your progress and invite friends to like our Crafter's Thread or Pieces Squared Facebook page. More inspiration means more fun!

happy crafting,


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