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Sunday, February 1, 2015


Today is my day to share my wee Bobbin.  Our Alaska crew is here and they brought my Christmas present with them.  She is an adorable teeny weeny. She looks just like Henry (my two year old teeny weeny) and loves to snuggle on my lap. SOOO SWEET, I just love her already! Nothin' better than playing in my studio with her around.

She is just a mini version of Henry and her markings are gorgeous. Her personality is sweet and cuddly. She fits right in around here. She is still missing her four brothers and her mommy, but she is slowly getting used to us. She is doing really well with her potty training and sleeping...she sleeps all night! She is almost 12 weeks old.

Today is church day, I may not have much time to sew, but I will share with you tomorrow what I get done, if anything. Hope your day is fantastic and you get some time to do something you love. Please stop by our Facebook page and let me know what you're doing, can't wait to hear from you.

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