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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Two Weeks...Too Long

Two weeks is definitely too long to go between posts. I missed writing, but was so busy with grandchildren there was no time. When there are ten people in the house, there is always laundry to be done, meals to be prepared, and dishes to do. Then the toys and books around the house to be picked up...the list could go on forever...I know you young moms are saying, "that's me EVERYDAY!", but I am A LOT older than you and this ole body gets tired quicker than it used to! Bless your hearts for raising the next generation! I'm praying for you.

This is the patient bear that I needed to finish the face on. I love this one! I hope her new owner does too. If she doesn't like her, I will make another one, but I'm thinking she will. I still need to dress her for the southeast United States. I will have to look up the weather where she's going so she will be dressed properly. TOO CUTE!!

The panda is coming along as is the quilt I am testing for Jessica with The Quilt and Needle. The quilt is a redesign of a previous pattern, I am checking to make sure the measurements and fabric requirements are still correct. I loved the first one, I am sure I will love this one too. I did different colors this time, it is quite "antique" looking this go. I am using some civil war reproductions for that look.

I think I will brave it and just go straight to the fur for the panda. After the tweeking of the legs and body, I think it will work better and since I am sewing by hand, I can take the additional time to make it perfect. Fur works better for me than cotton...can't wait to post a panda pic!

Have a wonderful day! I love hearing from you. Have a fabulous weekend and enjoy your free time. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

happy crafting,


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