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Tuesday, January 13, 2015


WHAT WAS I THINKING??? I had this hair brained idea yesterday to make a tiny little weeny bear, I must have been nuts at the time. I made one that finishes at four inches standing. That's too small!!! There is barely room for joints, once the joints are all in the body, there is no room for filling! I hardly got any stuffing in it at all! OH MY GOODNESS! Here the eye-less ted is sitting on my mouse. Cheeky little thing!!

I should have known it was really tiny when all the pieces easily fit on an 8-1/2 x 11" piece of paper for drying after the fray stopping glue was painted on. Seriously! It took me NO time at all to stitch it. The most time consuming thing was turning the thing the right way out!

Here it is with test eyes in so you can at least find the head on the furry little blob. All joking aside, I won't make one this small again, at least not a jointed one. There is simply not enough room to get everything in there for jointing. It was a good learning experiment. I do think at one point though, I was willing to throw it away. I am glad a persevered!

We took Henry (our dachshund) to the vet Monday. He needed his two year old shots and check up. He had a seizure two weeks ago and we wanted him checked for that as well.  He is good now and hasn't had one since, but the vet still ran some tests that we should be hearing back from soon. I am sure he's good as gold. I think it bothered us more than him. He is my sweet buddy.

I hope you have a fantastic day. I will be running errands early afternoon, so probably won't get much time to "play". I will take this little tike with me as we are traveling to Phoenix and I will have a bit of travel time to finish his face. Please post on the Crafter's Thread or Pieces Squared Facebook page, I love to see your projects.

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