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Friday, January 16, 2015

Didn't Make It :-(

Oh well! Today is another day, right? I didn't meet my goals yesterday, but it's okay. I got other things done that needed doing before the grandchildren arrive tomorrow. I got the bear pinned and the two-part pieces done. The head is three steps and is finished. The arms are two-steps, the first step is finished and they are pinned. The legs are pinned as is the body (after the darts were sewn).

We have a puppy coming with them, I just had to go get some little things for her! I love the collar! Nana's my name, spoilin's my game. I love puppies. You can see her pic here with our daughter in her sweet little hat! Her name is Bobbin (how fitting for me), and she weighs 3 pounds 15 oz. Too cute. I am going to love her to death! 

She is going to be adorable in her new little dress. Even though it is an xsmall, I believe it still may be too big! I promise to post pics when she arrives. I'm sure she will be in most of the grandchildren pictures as well! Can't wait for their visit.

I need to get this published and try to meet those goals today. I am penciled in with a friend for lunch. I had to postpone from the other day, something came up. I'm hoping we make it today!

I hope your day is fantastic and you accomplish YOUR goals, even if I can't! Have a wonderful weekend. Hope to see you post on one of our Facebook pages. We enjoy your inspiration! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

happy trails,


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