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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Lost a Day

I don't know what when wrong along the way, but I have thought all week that it was the next day. I thought it was Saturday all day Friday. Then I found I had another day to play, HOW COOL IvS THAT?? With my extra time, I organized some fur, cut some more for the scrap mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter. We got the "reveal" on New Years Day, I am going to do a bit of a redesign on the center of each block, but I love the pattern. I hadn't done the square for the center, so I can easily accommodate my tastes. The green/white/black strip is the lattice work. If you want to check out her pattern and bust your stash, quiltville.blogspot.com and it is called Grand Illusion, there is a tab on her home page. This one was very easy compared to some in the past.

Some more mysteries are starting this month. I found quiltmaker.com is doing their very first mystery. We have the fabric requirements and the first step...now's the time to jump in and have some fun. Also, the quiltingboard.com is due to start up another mystery. Judy designs pretty easy quilts and her mysteries are very fun, all centered around a train ride (we leave treats in the club car while we wait to get the next clue). I believe the next train ride begins next Saturday (10th of January 2015). Pat Sloan also started one, you can find her at patsloan.com. Hope you find something you want to do.

While hanging out with our grandchildren over the past couple of weeks, Gage has been sitting beside me at the "kids" sewing machine (my older machine) with the box of 10 inch squares and made his momma a quilt. Here is his quilt sandwich. We sat and tied it Saturday afternoon while mommy put Hunter to sleep for his nap.  She is going to love it. All I have to do now is bind it for him.  He stayed the course and attacked a few blocks a day to complete the top.  He chose a blue (her favorite color) flannel backing for warmth in cold Colorado! The seams are not all straight and the corners don't all meet, but it is completely Gage sewn. I am really proud of him. Good job my buddy.

While he finished the last of it, I had time to trace the teddy bear out on to fur and get it cut out. It is now "glued" as Katelyn calls it (she watched me "paint" the fray stop on it). It is pinned with some of the seams stitched. Can't wait to get back at it today.

I'm hoping you have a fantastic rest of your weekend and have some time to something you love. Please take the time to post on The Crafter's Thread on Facebook, I would love to see what you're working on. With the holidays over now, it's time for me to knuckle down and get some work done.

happy crafting,

P.S. THANK YOU Alecia for tracking down the pocket watch for me! It will be perfect. I can't wait to finish this bear.

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