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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Back to it

Good morning. I am posting from my iPad this morning as I didn't post yesterday. It was a busy day with doctor appts and a bit of shopping. Seems as if life never slows down. I did take the current little bear with me and made a little bit of progress. Sunday was a sick day for a couple of us. It wasn't nice not being able to go to church. 

Gage and I finished the quilt he made for his mommy.  She does love it. The hard part is leaving it behind for me to post to her. She didn't fit several things so there will be some posting involved to get everything back home. Yesterday was filled also with sorting out what goes with them on the flight and what gets shipped. They are leaving 70+F temperatures and going to where the diesel fuel turns to sludge. Poor babies! Everyone must be gettin back to school though. (I tried several times to post pics to the blog, but I guess my iPad doesn't allow me to. There was one on Facebook though).

Hope you have a great day. Mine will be busy with saying good bye to these precious ones. Looking forward to the next crew coming in eleven days helps the hurt ease a bit. I will be playing quietly in my sewing room, no children beside me forgetting to put the presser foot down and running out of bobbin! We sure made some great memories AND a great quilt for mommy. 

Hope you get some time to do something you love today. Keeps me sane! More tomorrow, I promise. Just want to get this published. Please post on The Crafter's Thread on Facebook. You inspire me. 

Happy crafting,


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