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Friday, January 9, 2015

Ready to Power Sew!

Phew! It smells a lot better around here. The dogs got groomed and look all good now. We have a groomer that comes to our home so the dogs don't feel threatened by being taken and left somewhere. They love Beth and Tamara and seem to do ok.  We are fostering one right now, he got his first bath today, he wasn't quite sure what was going on and really did NOT like the water in his face. We chose not to blow dry, but instead to just towel and let God do the rest with fresh air. He was not as bad as I expected. The yorkie looks much better with her haircut!

It did take a while with the doctor running an hour behind and the grooming, but I finally made it into my studio in the afternoon. I tamed the ironing stack and cut all the remaining blocks for the last three sections. I only have about fifty more "broken dishes" blocks to make and I can assemble the entire quilt...border included. I have the inside pieces all ready to go. It's going to be a bright one!!

The good thing about the doctor running behind is you have time to work on the project you tote along. I got the bears legs, head, and body all sewn. I started an arm, so just one and a bit arms and two wee ears and I can assemble that one. It's going to be cute. Almost to my favorite part. It is hard to decide what to do each day. I need to finish the wedding ring, I sold another one today. WOW, everyone loves the wedding ring! The first one is getting to the hard part, putting all the melons (lips as Tristan calls them) to the centers. I have some of them done, trying to work out an easier way to do it.

We had some nice pics posted to the Facebook page yesterday, please go be inspired! I know I was. Thanks for posting. I love seeing new ideas. I hope you have a wonderful day. I also hope your weekend is perfect and you have some time to do the things you love. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

happy crafting,



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