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Friday, January 2, 2015

It's About Time!!

I guess it is about time for me to get back to this! I have been so busy with family here and the Christmas holidays that I haven't really done much in my studio.  I have finished two bears recently that I thought I would show you.  I also got a nice shelf for Christmas for my medium and small teds, boy is it cute! Here is the one I finished the other day. This one is for a friend, and looking at it now, the nose is crooked. I just designed a vest for it which I will make in denim.  AND straighten that nose! I'll take a pic of the vest when I'm done.

I finished this one yesterday.  She is about 6-1/4" (16 cm) tall. I used upholstery fabric for the paw pads, centering a little motif on the feet. She is too cute for words! She is sitting up on my new shelf, pretty as you please with all her teeny friends! 

Here is the shelf with a few of my new ones on it. I think there are a few here without names still. I also have a quilt that I was testing on the wall, one of Jessica's newest designs found at thequiltandneedle.com. It was her mystery for December. She's one of my favorite designers, I love testing for her.

Well, enough for today, I can't show you everything in one day! Hope your day is fantastic and your weekend crafty. Take some time to do something you love and please post pics now that Christmas is over so we can see what you worked on and gifted. I would love to see them.

Have an incredible day,


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