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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Accomplished Feeling

I designed a new smallish teddy bear Friday afternoon. Then I dug into my "scraps" of fur...those pieces that have made at least one other bear so as not to waste anything... looking for a nice piece to make this one from. How hard can it be to choose? There can't be much here, WRONG! I have so many scraps, I can make like a zillion teds and still have scraps. It looks like my quilting fabric scraps. Now I need to organize this pile. I narrowed my choices down to these. I'm pretty sure there are 9 or 10 here with paw pad fabric laying with them. In my search (organizing) I found the black and white rayon I had been looking for to make a panda. Now all I have to do it draw a panda pattern! Please don't throw me in that briar patch!!

I also designed this bear's vest and have it nearly finished. I would like to find a small chain and faux pocket watch to make him look complete. I'm having way too much fun. If you know how I can make a chain or where I might find a little pocket watch, please let me know. I am not going to sew the "pocket" on until I can find the accessories. And I may shorten the vest (which calls for it's second re-design!). AND, I still have to FIX THAT NOSE!

All said and done, I feel I got a bit of fun time in. I think I did ten loads of washing Thursday. Friday only required one, so I had a bit more time to play. I hope you enjoy your weekend and get some time to do something you love. Please post pics on "The Crafter's Thread" on Facebook, I would love to see your projects. Cakes, quilts, paintings, teds, accessories, or whatever you do, it all inspires me to jump out of my box. I had a friend tell me the other day that her OCD was "fixated on beading right now", seems mine is fixated on teds! What are you fixated on?

happy crafting,


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