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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Piles of Fun

Tuesday was Gavin's birthday, he's the first of our long line of grandchildren. Seems just yesterday he was born and he has been in double digits for a couple of years now, WOW! He wanted lasagne for lunch, so I used my morning to make his lasagne and his mommy made a blue velvet cake as his favorite color is blue. Then he wanted to watch Lord of the Rings....pretty easy kid to please, really.

While they were watching the movie, I was steadily making progress on the panda. I had company for the "scary" parts, they made "dresses, bracelets, and necklaces" for the bears and found there were "so many dresses to make and so few girl bears". I think we finally converted a couple of the bears that were not necessarily girls!
The body and ears are complete. The arms and legs have their pre-stitching done and are pinned to be finished. I haven't started the head as the eye patches are a bit daunting...at least until I start! Hopefully very soon I will be able to introduce you to "Bamboo" as the girls have so aptly named "her". I had to predetermine that she was a girl so my granddaughters can "dress" her!

Hoping your day is fantastic and you spend some time doing the things you love and spend time with those you love! I may not be making much progress on quilts and teddy bears, but I am totally enjoying spending time with our grandchildren (and children as well!). Thanks for stopping by.

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