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Friday, February 27, 2015

I Know, I Know...

I know I said I wasn't going to work on a bear for a while, BUT...I am going to the hairdresser today and I will be sitting in the chair for a while and I can't take my sewing machine, so I am going to work on a little guy. I took the one I just made, shrunk it, redesigned the body and am ready to go again. I want to get it all onto the fur before I have to leave in a couple hours, I'm sure I will make it. 

Ladies Bible Study went well yesterday afternoon. I enjoy studying with others, getting their views and maybe seeing something I missed. Thanks to all the ladies for doing the study and coming to join our group.

After the study, my friend stayed to work on her bear. I taught her how to joint and we put the eyes in....she continued working at home. She sent this to me last night. I just love it. Now for the fun part....she gets to add the character with the face. TOO FUN!! For the first bear she's made, I think it's perfect and what a fantastic job! 

Well, I need to get this bear on the fur and feed my husband so I can get out of here. Have a wonderful day. I hope you have time to do something you enjoy. Please share your progress!

happy Friday,


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