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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Snakes Alive...

Or dead... It took us a couple of minutes on our walk today to figure out if this one was alive or dead...fortunately for this Nana, it was NOT alive!!!  The children wanted to go to the mailbox with me. It was 109*F and they were too hot in the 100 yards to the mailbox! Then we had to check Grammy's pomegranates to see if they were ripe and ready to harvest.  They weren't quite ready so we came home through the park and found this one! EEEWWWWW!!

I am finishing up with the bear today or tomorrow. I mended toys today. The children had some toys that had lost stuffing and others with legs or other limbs missing, I sat and repaired all those today. They are so excited!! I will have a pic soon. I can't wait...kinda like reading the last chapter in a book, just can't wait to finish. Seems free time is at a premium.

I will be posting to the Patchwork Posse blog soon. If you haven't had a look yet, you should go check it out.  I love the site! July will be my month to post tutorials and tips. Looking forward to that!! Hope you have time today to do something you love. I hope to finish the bear in the morning, tomorrow afternoon I have the Ladies Bible Study, so my afternoon will be full.

Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy your day.

happy crafting,


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