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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Enough Already!!

Ok, so I have had enough of this chesty cough and am ready to be over it! I haven't done much this week. I'm disappointed with myself. I have had this ted in the bag all week, pinned and ready to go. I have the body done and bits and pieces of other parts finished ready to be sewn into the bigger picture. I hope to finish it and the test quilt this weekend.

I also have a ted with a broken leg in the bear hospital that needs fixing. I have to stitch the leg as it was a compound fracture! He will get a total hip replacement as well as the stitches, poor guy! He is a fire-fighter bear that a friend got for Valentine's Day. Recovery time is expected to be fast and the prognosis is for a complete recovery!

Don't forget daylight savings this weekend. Here in Arizona, we don't participate, we have the same time year round. Sometimes it is tricky to know what time it is where the kids are....It is spring in the Northern Hemisphere so we spring FORWARD. Those in the Southern Hemisphere will fall BACK. 

I hope you can still have tons of time to do the things you enjoy this weekend whether you gain or lose an hour! (Or stay the same !!) Enjoy the warmer weather and extra sleep!

happy crafting,


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