Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear.............

Friday, March 6, 2015

Saying Good-bye


It's a teddy bear...why is it so hard to say good-bye? I know she is going to a good home and I know she will be loved amazingly well, just find it hard to send her away. I have been sitting here for a week with her just hanging by my machine while I work on the test quilts, she's been my sounding board and critic. I will miss her! She is a cutie patootie all right!!!! She's sitting on her bubble wrap waiting for me to load her up.

And away she goes. She is boxed and the shipping label on. I hope she stays warm enough in her bubble wrap and box until she gets there. I will miss you! I am working on a pretty small one in between pages on the test quilt, that should keep me sidetracked.

Hope you have a great day...what have you been working on? I know the country is snow-bound, sick, or traveling...it's been slow moving for most people and their projects, I know I am moving a bit slower with this cough! Please share what you're working on. Enjoy your craft time, thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you.

bye baby bear!


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