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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Busy in CA

I have been in California since Saturday. We have two grandchildren here and I have been looking after them while their parents are on TDYs with the Air Force. One is overseas and the other on the other side of the nation.  The children have been really good and I am getting a lot of pattern drawing and writing done. I am enjoying my time here. Two children is kinda like a break after looking after five and three.  I love all our grandbabies tho, so this summer has been fun.

I got this bunny finished while in Colorado last week. It still has thread hanging out in this picture, but you get the idea. I am taking part of this one and making a dog. See tomorrow's post for that one!

The pattern for this bunny will come out in pieces as tutorials on Patchwork Posse soon.  Try heading over there for a look. Becky has a fantastic blog with tons of ideas across the crafty spectrum. Enjoy your time there!!

I hope you have had time to do the things you love and you will post and show us what you're up to. I love to see your projects and get inspired to try something I have never done. Have a fantastic day. Thanks for stopping by, see you again very soon!

happy crafting,



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