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Friday, July 17, 2015

Repairing Soft Toys

Seems like no matter where I am or which set of grandchildren I am with, there are always soft toys to repair.  Today it was Hunter's little teddy bear with the head holding on by a few stitches.  I think he is really excited to have it back all fixed and he can play with it again. He is such a sweet little man, saying thank you and blowing kisses to Nana in thanks. Love my grandbabies!

I have found the easiest way to fix the seams in these guys is to use a ladder stitch and pull it all together. It seems to keep them together and give new life back into the little guys.  But, be sure all the stuffing is secure and you take into account the seam allowance.

I found it takes a while to upload pics to an old computer. I think I have been sitting here an hour!!  Oh well, we got there in the end. At least I know I can do it.  I will start earlier tomorrow!

If you check out Becky's blog at the PatchworkPosse.com for today's post, I know you will see someone familiar.  I am excited with my introduction post.  Lots of pics of my bears there. Looking forward to working with Becky.

I hope your day is going great and you have time to do something you love. Please post pics of what you are up to today as we look forward to the inspiration.  Thanks for stopping by.

happy crafting,


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