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Friday, August 22, 2014

Here We Go

Well, I'm excited to start this blog and have fun with you about everything quilty.  I have lots of ideas for quilt designs and I love mystery quilts.  I will try to add projects as often as I can and share other goodies from other bloggers.

Today finds nothing on the calendar, so I get to spend the day in my "office" or my "crafting room" as a couple of my granddaughters call this room I love so much.  Just finished a Craftsy "Mystery" using Jenny Beyer fabrics.  It is lovely, better than I expected. Once I work out how to get the pic from the ipad to the computer, I'll post a pic.  I just ordered a double wedding ring kit, looking forward to starting that one.  

Back to quilting now...
Quilt piecefully,


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