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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Telling Tone

Since telling tone is sometimes hard and I don't own the red glasses, I have to adjust sometimes.  I am working on a project that requires me to sew light and dark triangles together.  I am using my cell phone camera on black and white or tonal to help me out.  I have pics here in color and pics in tonal.  You can see I have used the same light with both and a different dark, one solid and one print.

Tonal version makes it very obvious, as if I couldn't already tell with this one!!  But look at my light, the color version shows reds and yellows on a pale blue background.  The tonal version shows those reds and oranges as the same tone and the yellow as my light.  I love using this method!!

I will take pics along the way so you can see what I get done.  This is a very scrappy quilt using my blue and light scraps I posted about the other day.  I am working on light blue/dark blue hour glasses right now.  I need 174 of them which made for me cutting 696 triangles!!!

Back to the sewing!!!

Quilt piecefully,


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