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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Well, I had this post all written and ready to publish when I tried to delete a photo off of the upload section and deleted the entire post.....what's up with that???

Oh well, here we go again!  You may wonder why I am posting a pic of scraps, but I wanted to show you my template cutting and the slivers I have left after they're all cut.  It's a tight fit, but I am cutting a 2.5" strip from a half yard piece, then cutting my templates from that and....
 This is what I have when I am finished with three strips of template cutting.  I hate wasting fabric and love using scraps.  The blue one I am working on, I can see fabrics from my grandchildren's quilts, that makes me feel really good!!
 Here's my progress so far, it is on the design wall as an encouragement to keep moving with this project.  It is by far, the most tedious one I have done in a while.  I am loving it though.  Keeps me out of trouble, right!!
Hope you have a great Saturday and Sunday.  Tomorrow is church day, so may not be a post.  Have a great weekend anyway and 

quilt piecefully,


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