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Friday, August 29, 2014


We always told our children when they pout and their lips quivered, they had the poochy lip...well, I am happy to say I have no poochy lips here!! Today I have been working on my double wedding ring quilt.  I am very happy to report on my curved seams, I have no puckers and its going well.  I really don't mind curved seams.  As a matter of fact, I quite like them. I like the challenge they present.  I enjoy the entire process!

Eighteen down, 79 to go!  I will be old and gray at this rate!!!!  At least I'm having fun.  The key for me is pins and taking my time.  I have done curves as small as 2.5" blocks to 10" blocks.  Very fun.  If you have questions, I'll be happy to help.  

I've also used my blue/light triangles I had cut the other day (696) of them as my leaders and enders.  I am making hourglass units with them.  I have about 50 of them completed with about 125 left to go.  

Still need to take the dog ears off, but other than that, these are ready for the blocks.  I believe they are called puss in the corner or some such name.  I am not too good with names.  

This evening we received some news one doesn't like to hear.  Our oldest, who lives in Alaska, had an accident.  She and the children are ok.  They will really hurt tomorrow.  All were belted in and are well.   The other car was a squeeny thing, so her suburban bowled him over.  His is totaled, but he is ok as well.  We are thankful they are all ok.  It was a bit hard on this momma's heart though. I really don't like it that they are so far away.

Enjoy your day and 
quilt piecefully,


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