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Saturday, August 23, 2014

My job today: make this stack of lights and blues into manageable scraps.  I am cutting down to 2.5in strips and squares.  Working on a scrap quilt that uses that size. Plus, like I said...the scrap pile is taking over!  I'll post an after pic when this mess is tamed.  You should have seen the studio last night when I was sorting these out! Scraps were flying everywhere! At least the floor is clean again.

I am cutting down the scraps to 2.5.  If there is not enough left at the end, I cut down to 2" and put in the 2" plastic shoe box.  Anything under 2" goes into the "string" box. Anything under 1" goes in the bag for doggie bed filling :-D  Nothing goes to waste around here!! NOTHING goes in the trash. 

I am headed to the second hand store this next week as well.  Going for the largest size of men's shirts I can find.  I hear the XXXL cotton shirts yield about 2 yards of fabric!!!!  Oh boy, what a bargain!

Have a great day!

Quilt piecefully,


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