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Friday, August 14, 2015

That Sweet Wabbit

This is the sweet rabbit I completed while in Colorado.  Her (his??) eyes are now complete as well as the sculpting of the face and plucking. Even that black "tail" of perle cotton has been cut off now! It will be a free pattern for you soon.  You will be able to change the ears to make it any animal you want. Think of the possibilities...... dog, cat, bear, or just about anything you want.  I will also make different ears and faces available for you at a later date. How exciting is that?? One pattern, multiple animals!! I used the body and legs of this pattern and changed the shape of the face and ears to make a long, floppy-eared dog.  Can't wait to finish so I can show you. All in due time! (You know, after school and laundry for nine people!)

Why don't you go get yourself a quarter yard of fabric; whether mohair, acrylic fur, or cotton, and let's get started. You will need perle cotton, strong thread like fishing line, thread to match your fabric, 10mm eyes (I used glass), and some different fabric for your paws and inside the ears. For notions you will need a long (6") needle to sew the eyes in later, also a sewing needle, an embroidery needle would be helpful for the face, small sharp scissors to cut your fur with, and fibre-fill (I use poly-fil). You will need some joint sets as well, nothing bigger than about 30mm. If you don't have any handy, I can show you how to joint without them or how to use buttons. I'll share the pattern pieces tomorrow, once we have everything collected. Can't wait! Be thinking about how you will "dress" your rabbit up.  I might add a necklace or bow on her ear, the possibilities are endless! Collect what you might need for that too. It helps to have all your tools and supplies at the ready.


see you soon,


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