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Monday, August 31, 2015

And Puppy Dog Tails...

And here he is just waiting on the tissue box for me to embroider his nose. For what is a dog without his nose???  A lot like the rabbit, the dog has the long front arms. You would actually use the rabbit pattern with the dog ears if you wanted to. I did change the back feet and the head shape a bit to resemble a dog more than a rabbit. I also needed to add a tail to the dog. I am excited to start a new one. I am going back to a traditional teddy bear for the next one. I have some ideas in my head after straying from the teddy bear for a couple of animals. Who says it has to be a perfectly proportioned replica of the old time teddy bears, right??!! Watch this space for my next adventure!

School is finished for the day. The kids knuckled down and did the work, we were finished  with school and lunch before 2:00. NICE! We will be spending the day at Mayo Clinic tomorrow as my husband has his next six month visit including scans. We are nearly TWO years cancer free and intend to keep it that way, with the LORD's help, of course! The children have their school work to do, that will keep them busy. I will be grading and keeping them quiet. Also, I'm taking the newest design with me to work on while in down time.

Hope you are having a good day and you have time to do something you love. One of our friend's husband is re-purposing and up-cycling wood pieces. I have posted his Facebook page on ours, you should have a look, he does really good work....what an inspiration!

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