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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Little One

My granddaughter informed me I needed to make a "fairy bear" and precisely how to accomplish that. She had obviously put some thought into it! I will try to bring her little fairy bear dream into a  reality. First step, designing. I designed a small, but not teeny, bear. It will be about six inches or so. The arms are longer so she can hold her wand. The body a bit "plumper" so she can support her wings.

I finished the design and got it traced onto fur Monday evening. I hope to get it cut and a lot of the sewing done today at the hospital while my husband has his tests. We will have the children and be working on school as well, we will see how they do with being quiet. There is a walking path around the campus, we can always take a walk to blow off some pent up energy. Praying for good results from the tests. 

Have you started your Christmas shopping? I haven't, but I really should get sewing and shopping! Will you be making your Christmas by hand this year? What ideas do you have? 

I hope you are enjoying your day. Share your current project with us. We love the inspiration and encouragement. Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate you.

happy crafting,


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