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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Always Something!

Well here I sit annoyed! I got pretty far on my fairy bear, but couldn't complete it. This silly wrist is giving me fits. I worked until it started swelling out of the brace, then decided to give it a rest. I tore some tendons and ligaments about six years ago and had to have surgery for a pin in my wrist. It healed nicely and after physical therapy, I re-gained pretty much all mobility back. I re-injured it almost three weeks ago and have had this splint on since then, it's getting really annoying! The silver lining is...NOW I can draw a new bear or work on some machine sewing that I've wanted to do. I can do the drawing, but not sure about the cutting of the fabric. We will soon see!!


Here is as far as I made it. Just need to embroider the face and stitch on the ears. I even was able to sort out some wings. I'm not sure they are big enough, I'll post pics after I attach them (temporarily) and let you have a look at them for your opinion. She stands at just a wee bit over six inches tall and is pudgy around the middle. Her bent arms will help her hold her wand. She will have one of those cheeky faces, with all the details of a wee fairy.

Hope your day was a success and you had fun. It's the weekend and I know what I am working on! Hope you do too! Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. Please share your project on our Facebook page, I would love to see what you're working on. As the weather gets colder, we move to our winter projects...do you have summer and winter projects? Seems here in Arizona, it is always warm enough to work on whatever you want, winter isn't just for quilting any more!

Enjoy your day,



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