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Monday, September 14, 2015

Big Toys

Well between church services, a potluck, and the first football game of the season I did get a bit of fun in. I got the head finished and the "hands" pinned and sewn into the inside arms. This is a pretty big one, so it has a lot more to sew! I love football as much as my husband so we watched the game together and the Arizona Cardinals WON!!!! YAY! Way to start the season!

We had a lovely week off from school last week for the school trip we took. We will be back at it today. The children aren't too happy about it. They are a bit behind and I am pushing them to catch up. They have done well with the extra work, let's just hope we can keep the momentum going! They will have another week off in a few weeks for their great great grandmother's 100th birthday. They will travel to West Virginia for that, then on to Ohio to see their other great grandparents. Fortunate children to have such a heritage to follow.

I hope to have time after school to play with this big boy again. This fur is so soft and is working up really well. The curly tipped mohair is giving it quite a different look. Hope you have a wonderful day. Also hoping you have some time to do something you love. Please share on our Facebook page, "The Crafter's Thread". We all love the inspiration and gratification of a job well done.  I cannot believe it is the middle of September already! Where has the year gone? Christmas is fast approaching, are you working on your gifts yet??

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