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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Moving Along!

YAY! Sunday I was able to make some progress in the afternoon. I worked on the big guy and was able to get all the pieces filled and the joints in. After three broken joints, finally got it all together on Monday. I was also able to finish the fairy bear's face on Monday. I think I may still add some eyebrows to the fairy. She's just begging for something else on her face. The next picture you see of her, she will be finished. I am excited about all the progress I made. Today I need to finish the dog's face which is nearly there, put the wings on the fairy, and finish the big guy's face as well. He is so cuddly and cute, I just love his pudgy belly and chubby legs and cheeks! He's so handsome and soft!
I forgot how easy the bigger bears are to complete. They go together quite quickly. I admit the smaller ones have considerably less sewing, but the smaller joints and body space makes it very challenging to put them together. The eyes are fiddly, the face harder to keep straight, the seams like to fray, and it's hard to get that perfect weight for the little guys. The bigger ones are longer in the sewing process, but the bigger pieces make it easier to keep even stitches and seam allowance. The nose is easier to embroider as you can follow the weaving line on the backing to keep a straight and even nose (assuming your fur has a woven back).

I will be getting these kids through their day at school and we have some errands to run. I may not have a lot of time to get more done with these sweet peas. Hoping you have a fantastic day and that you get a lot accomplished no matter what you do. Don't forget to post your progress on our Facebook page, "The Crafter's Thread". We love to see your projects. I love the inspiration. Thanks so much for stopping by, I appreciate you.

have a happy happy happy day,


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