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Friday, September 18, 2015


Seems life is never dull around here. I have been pretty busy with school and appointments this week. I haven't had a lot of spare time to "play", however, I did get the arms and body finished. I just took a pic of the arms so you could see. I took them with the wee bear again to help judge size. The color of the paw pads was a good choice. I love it.  This is going to be a gorgeous bear.

Our life has changed since the beginning of June when our grandchildren came to live with us for a while. We enjoy having them here, but it isn't just Shane and me anymore. We have to think about them as well. We are always busy. Fortunately, they sleep well and we can get the rest we need. They help around the house, I don't have to dust or take out trash now, that's nice! The biggest part for me is that I don't have the time anymore to just sit in my craft room and play like I could before. I now have a renewed understanding of what young moms go through each day. (How quickly we grandmas forget!!)

With that said, I hope your day went according to plan and you had a bit of time to do the things you like to do, even if you don't craft...I pray you took some time for yourself. I love to see what you're working on. I have seen some really amazing cards and floors (yes! paper bag floors!!) on Facebook. I would love for you to share on our group page. We can all benefit from your pics. Maybe even post a tutorial or two on there for us. I know I enjoy learning new things.

Have a fantastic day! The weekend is here, enjoy!!

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