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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Well Stink!

I did not get to finish the bears (and dog) yesterday. I did mention that we had school and errands to run, which we did. But Jess asked me to quickly test a quilt for her, so I am busy sewing on that for her. It's going to be fantastic! If you haven't tried a mystery yet, you should try this one. It is easy as it takes pre-cut strips. Saves a lot of time and headache choosing colors!! 

She has kits on her website, although I am not sure you will get it in time for the mystery. I am using some I had on hand. If you have a stash of pre-cuts you should be fine. You can get ideas from the colors of the kits even if you can't get it in time. The mystery is next weekend (Sept. 26-27). For more details, go to thequiltandneedle.com. You will find all the details there.

Today is another day to try to make some progress on the dog and bears. I really want to get the wings on the fairy bear and the nose on the dog. Then I will take my time and work on the nose of the big guy. This is of course, after the mystery is tested. 

It is hump day and I hope you are spending your day doing things you enjoy. Please share your projects on our The Crafter's Thread. If you are going to be working on this mystery, let's do this together! Pictures on our page...can't wait to see!!!

have a great and happy day,


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