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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Almost done...

Just working on a couple more things and I will be finished with the little work on the fairy bear. I have had a bit of time over the weekend for "playing". We are taking a bit of a vacation from Sunday night after church to Wednesday afternoon, I will be finishing it up during that time. I will have time in the vehicle and at the hotels. My "go bag" needs to be re-packed with the different tools and filling I will need to finish.
I am excited about how easy it has been to tuck the fur in and get them pinned and sewn. The fur is pretty long, so it is usually more tedious to make it work and all fit in there. The little-ness of the bear and the long-ness of the fur make for a unique looking bear. (You can tell by the pic of the arm above how small the bear is compared to the pins!!)  I may go with bigger eyes so it looks more cub-like. Maybe a bigger nose and curl up the ears a little. Then of course, add those cute fairy wings, a wand, and maybe even eyebrows and a tutu. This is going to be one sweet fairy bear!

 I'll take pics along out little holiday and share with you. We are taking five grandchildren and driving to New Mexico for some "school field trips" to see some historic places...they don't much like history, so I am going to try to bring it alive for them. Science as well, going to White Sands Missile Range and learning the chemistry and history behind the missiles and testing.
I hope your weekend turned out as profitable as mine. Please let us know what you accomplished. We love to see and be inspired. Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate you. Let's talk again tomorrow. (Although, talking implies a two sided conversation, so post comments here or on our Facebook page!)

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