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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


The children had such a good time in the sand. But before we got there, we went to the White Sands Missile Range Army Fort and went to the Missile Museum. They got to touch and feel every thing...not a big museum, but free and very informative. We went on to eat lunch and buy some sunblock as the sun was very hot and we are all pretty fare and didn't want sunburns.

They slid down the dunes for hours once we got to the national park. I wish I would have taken pics of their clothes and the shower floor when we were done! There was enough sand to build another dune! There is sand all over my Expedition, the hotel floor, outside the door where they kicked off their shoes, and there is still sand in Mackenzie's hair as she couldn't get it all out! They had so much fun!

Needless to say, my goal to finish little fairy bear did not get met today. Oh well, we had fun anyway! I will have several hours tomorrow in the car to finish the hand work. I may even have time to joint and do a bit of filling, since I have so little to finish up. 

Thanks for stopping by, sorry not so crafty today, but everyone needs to just slide down dunes every now and then! Enjoy your day, hope you have some time to do something you love. I appreciate you.

happy crafting,


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