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Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fairy Wings and Other Things

I just had to share this pic because I am excited about Riley reading her first book. She has been doing so well in school sounding her words, so I decided it was time to attempt the book. She did beautifully, I must admit I am very pleased with her progress.

They are all doing really well. Mackenzie has gone from missing the bulk of her spelling words to spelling almost all of them correctly. Griffin is counting and giving beginning sounds. Logan is working really hard on long division and fractions. Gavin is doing well in most everything. I am very excited they are doing so well.

SO, I've been doing a bit of research in between home schooling and sewing on this wee pink bear today. I have discovered that fairies have two sets of wings with the lower wings quite a bit smaller than the upper ones. These wings can be any shape and size, just so there are two sets. So now the question is what shape for a wee pink  fairy bear?? I got the legs, body, and head done. I hope to finish the rest of the wee thing this weekend so I can start on the luscious fur I got a couple days ago. It is an addiction when you think about your next project before this one is finished?????????

Hope your weekend is fantastic! Let us know what you're working on, we love the inspiration. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you. 

happy crafting,


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