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Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Bit of a Catch Up

It has been a very long time since I posted to the blog, I am sorry.  Life for us has changed a bit since I last posted. I let you know I was in Colorado with Rachel to help with her broken arm. From there, I was home for about 15 hours and headed to California to look after our son's children while he and his wife were deployed on TDYs with the Air Force.  I came home and haven't stopped since. We have our five grandchildren here with us from Alaska.  The family has been here for two months. Mommy and Papa are working through some issues and it is better if they work through them here with us. Since arriving home, we have started school and our days are uber busy with five children between 4 and 12 years old in school. We are learning everything from our ABCs to all those things that make us smarter than a fifth grader! I now know their favorite subject is Science! (my least favorite!) I am sure they will learn to appreciate all the sentences, words, and stories I am making them write!

I haven't sewn much and I am not happy with that. I need to remember what it was like when I schooled our children and get back to setting aside some time for myself. I have a new pattern cut out and not sewn. I am going to start with that. I also need to finish a couple of quilts.....too many projects, not enough time! I did get the rabbit done, still working on the pattern writing to get it on the blog. I am writing it in tutorial form to be better understood.  Can't wait to get it out there! It is so cute! It is time to do some sewing and sanity time!

Thanks for stopping by, that was our life in a nutshell for this week.  I will try to get organized to get back on here tomorrow and post some pics of the next sweet animal I am working on! Can't wait to finish so I can show you. Have a fantastic day! Please take some time for yourself, I learnt as a young mom that we all need that, but as a Nana, I appreciate those minutes more than ever! You will too!!!!!!!!! Don't forget to share!!!

happy crafting,


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