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Monday, October 5, 2015

It Works!!

I have been madly cutting and sewing on the mystery for two days. I did the calculations and had my husband (the engineer) check them, they are all correct. Everything is coming together beautifully. I love the pattern Mackenzie and I came up with. I wish I could share it with you, I have taken tons of pics, but some who follow my blog are making it and I don't want to spoil the fun! I am just waiting for the Quilters Club of America to give the official go ahead. If you love to sew and make a quilt, please join the fun. I promise I have made this pattern as easy as possible and even a beginner can accomplish it. Be looking for the first clue soon.  I'll keep you posted.

The fabric didn't come for the quilt I am making for the International Quilt Market. I also need to finish the quilt on the quilting frame so it is ready for the Market quilt when I get it completed. This has given me time to work on the mystery. I am loving the quiet time to just plow forward. Today I hope to finish the mystery or at least get the center finished so I can work on the border. I have to take measurements and work out angles as it is a pieced border. Maybe I will even post the clues on the blog to save some followers time joining another "club" although it is free. The site (quiltersclubofamerica.com) has lots of good tips and a large quilting community. You wouldn't regret joining if you love to make quilts...or even sew.

My family will be home tomorrow, part at the crack of dawn and the rest at the crack of dusk. I will be heading to the airport twice! It will be nice to have them home. They have had an awesome time at Grandma Montgomery's 100th birthday. It has been so quiet around here.

Have a fantastic day. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you. Please share on one of our Facebook pages...The Crafter's Thread or Pieces Squared. I love to see what you're doing and hear what going on in your life.

happy day,


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