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Friday, October 16, 2015

Let's Get Rollin...

So I finally have the quilt for Quilt Market nearly finished. I think that is record time for piecing, quilting and binding a quilt! I finished the quilting (stitching in the ditch) on Thursday afternoon. I made and sewed the binding on the front. I am now in the process of folding around to the back for the final hand stitched finishing. It is so huge, it is really heavy. It measures 110inches square.

I also wrote the first of the clues for the mystery quilt for the Quilters Club of America, which went live this morning. I will be busy all day with questions concerning fabric choices and yardages, I am sure. That's what makes it fun. I try not to give too much away in my clues and do all the little stuff first to keep you guessing!! I am so looking forward to this. Hope you can join in the fun! quiltersclubofamerica.com

I will be working on the border for the mystery today. It will be pieced to finish off the quilt and give me a few extra inches for our big bed. I will also finish the binding on the International Quilt Market quilt. My fingers were just too sore to finish last night. I also have a teddy bear here with no face yet. Poor thing is nearly a month old and still can't see, smell, or growl! I also am testing for the December Mystery at the Quilt and Needle. You should check her mysteries out, she's brilliant... thequiltandneedle.com

Hope you have a fantastic weekend. I hope you have some time to do the things you love. I know I will be busy quilting and teddy bear making (hopefully I will have time for the teddy bears!). Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you. Hope you join the fun with the mystery on the Quilters Club of America. Its free and FUN!!

happy crafting,


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