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Saturday, December 6, 2014


After a rough go Thursday night with the prep for a colonoscopy Friday morning, we are very thankful to say we have an ALL CLEAR. There wasn't even a polyp. The prior surgeries are healing beautifully and there is NO cancer whatsoever in there. We are breathing so nicely and smiling a lot now! This was Shane's first colonoscopy after the 18 month battle with radiation, chemo, and surgeries for colo-rectal cancer. Thank you LORD for your healing and strength. Thank you FRIENDS for your prayers, love, and support over the past 18 months. I couldn't have done it without you.

I did get a bit done on the bear during prep and procedure. The ears and darts in the body got sewn. When I hand stitch it takes a while to finish. I also had quite a few distractions  :-( 

This one is going to be nice and fluffy....so cool! The backing is soft which makes it easier to mold....fun, fun, fun!

The quilt I am testing for Jessica is all laid out under my computer. I have all the strips from the jelly rolls counted and in their proper order, just need to get busy sewing! Twenty colors took a while to sort out, and the layout she left up to me...color placement was the hardest!

And finally I got all the diamonds and triangles cut for my version of Bonnie Hunter's mystery "Grand Illusion" part 2, which we received Friday morning. I am amazed at how much I accomplished in one afternoon. After all the power cutting and sorting, I will be sewing away today! Can't wait to get started...a teddy bear and three quilts all at the same time...I LOVE being busy.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and have some time to do something you love. Christmas is right around the corner, less than three weeks now...I don't know about you, but I need to keep busy! Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate you.

smiling from ear to ear...



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