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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Still busy

 I have been pretty busy with the test quilt and step two and three of Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt. Since being down with the flu put me out of service for a few days    :-(   I only have about half of the second clue finished. I will move on to the third and use the others as leaders and enders. I will get them done, but with the busy-ness of the season and Hunter's surgery, I know I will not catch up for a couple weeks. The test quilt and teddy bear must take priority as they have deadlines....as does the wedding ring quilt. I love being busy.

I have been hiding out in my studio for so long, I got cabin fever. I had to get out and go to the fabric store. I don't know about you, but if I can just touch or smell fabric, I feel better!! I got some blacks and rose colored fabrics. I use the "frequent buyer" program and got one yard free, I'm pleased! Really happy with my purchases!!

The light is wrong in this pic, but you can see baggie 1 on the bag, there are 33 bags for this (re)test quilt, I love organization!!!! When it is time to put it all together, I just pull from the bags and sew the strips to each other. She re-designed this one for ease and size. I love the way Jessica designs her quilts. She is the creative brains and hands of The Quilt and Needle, she designs beautiful stuff!

Have a fantastic weekend and I hope you take time to do the things you love, I need to take some time out and do fun stuff just for my sanity!!

happy crafting!



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