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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bear Feet

YAY!! Even though it was a busy day, I got the bear drawn, put on the fabric, cut out, and fray stopped. I am rapt with my progress.  The morning was spent having a bit of fun, the afternoon at the foot doctor. I have arthritis as you know and it has now affected my feet. The bones in the middle of my left foot are almost rubbing together, this is where we have a branch of nerves go through and every time I walk, I have pain and a "shock wave" go through my foot. It is shoes all day for me, I am never allowed to put a barefoot on the ground. If you know me well, you know this is going to be VERY HARD as I am a barefoot kinda gal! I got online and ordered some Crocs that the doctor suggested, this was the less expensive route, otherwise it was very expensive walking shoes or worse: surgery and a walking boot.
Enough complaining, on to the good stuff!! I drew this bear a bit on the big side because I wanted to exaggerate some of the features. I was going to have Shane reduce it for me (takes scanning and printing at a lower percentage), but he suggested making it full size first. I'm down with that!!! Just means I can make another bear, right?? So here we go!

I will be taking this and a few other projects with me today. We head to Mayo Clinic for a few more tests for Shane. We are praying tomorrow will be our ALL CLEAR on the cancer front. He has more blood tests today about the platelets and his prep for the colon check tomorrow morning. We will be staying the night in the Phoenix area because the prep is so brutal. I hope to post very good news tomorrow. :-D  Our four-legged furry buddies will be looked after by their granddaddy, they love that!

I'm sorry this post was so un-crafty...

I hope you have a wonderfully crafty day and have plenty of time to do something you love. Please share on our Facebook page (The Crafter's Thread) so we can oohhh and aawww over your work and be inspired to try new things. 

happy crafting,


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