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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Nana's Snowballs!

Yesterday I got a surprise, an early Christmas present from one of our children. I have to say as I opened it, there were tears free-flowing down these old cheeks of mine.  It is such a darling mug (I drink A LOT of tea) with Nana's Lil Snowballs on it. Each snowman has the name of one of our ten grandchildren on the brim! HOW SWEET! My tea and Oreos were sure lovely, sharing it with my little snowballs. 


These are the first few blocks hot off the ironing board for part two of the Grand Illusion mystery quilt. Of course, with the hospital visit on Friday (when the clues are given) I didn't get to sew. I did however, get to cut all 600 pieces. I am a bit of a trivia nut, I like to keep track of how many scraps I am using when I do Bonnie's quilts.  In just two clues, we have used 1,360 scraps! I think the most I have ever used is around 5,500 pieces, that was an entire quilt though. For that one, I could have used several more...Bonnie used "strings" (any strip of useable fabric wide enough to sew to another <same color>) and probably used at least double my count! I'll keep you posted on our count!

Today is our third grandson's 8th birthday...woo hoo!! Happy Birthday Gage, Grandad and Nana really love you. Can't wait to see you at Christmas. Hope you liked your gift!

And I hope YOU enjoy your day, taking some time to do something you love. For those of you starting your work or school week, have a great one. For those of us where it is Sunday, have a great day in church and relax for the end of your weekend. I'll be working on the last of these Double Diamond Units for the Grand Illusion between services. Please take the time to post on our Facebook page. I love seeing your projects. Thank you so much for stopping by, I truly appreciate you.

18 days till Christmas,


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