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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Denver Days

I am sitting here listening to the sweetest noises in the entire world...what could be more precious than the slow steady breathing of three beautiful sleeping grandchildren? I say the only thing better, would be to have all ten of them with me and all sleeping soundly with Nana watching over them.

This little punkin has to have surgery Monday, poor wee baby. But for today there were smiles everywhere.... sweet memories! Nana came to be with him and his brother and sister for a few days. It's time for Nana fun!

 I didn't come empty-handed though, I brought a cross-stitch and a small bear to work on. I tried to cut the bear out on the plane, but for some reason it is always a bumpy flight from Phoenix to Denver! I did get some cross-stitching done, I'm happy! I finished cutting the bear while mommy and daddy when on a date so Nana could be with the punkins.

I decided to bring a bit of the warm weather with me. It is chilly here, but not as COLD as I thought it would be. I brought pics of my flowers currently blooming. Maybe tomorrow I'll post a pick of the cactus flower in my front yard. This hibiscus is right beside my family room window...two large bushes in full winter bloom... just beautiful.

Should finish up here and publish. Want to rest while I can! Birthday parties and mall visits to make. The children want to learn how to stitch like Nana, so we will stop some place where I can buy them some plastic canvas and yarn to make their projects.

Hope you have time to enjoy the things you love. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you.

happy crafting,


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