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Friday, December 5, 2014

Test Day

GOOD NEWS!!!!!....Shane's platelets are up. They are not where they are supposed to be, but they are good enough for the test!! The day started very early, I hope to post later the results of the test.

I get to test another quilt for The Quilt and Needle. I think this is one Jessica Smith designed a couple years ago. She redesigned it for a larger size and easier put together. I chose a couple jelly rolls for this project. It is bargello, one that looks like little pieces all sewn together to form a wavy pattern. It is a beautiful design, you should do it!!  thequiltandneedle.com, the name of the quilt is Past Tense...go have a look!

As I sat in the hotel room feeling helpless about my baby preparing for the test today, I pulled the project bag out and got busy on this bear. I love my little "go" bag, it is small enough to be light and large enough to hold everything I need to make a bear (except the filling)! I made a bit of progress, but should make a bit more this morning during the test.
Here we go!! Can't wait to see it finished. I always say that, but by the time it gets to this point, I have done a lot of work (well, not really WORK, more play!). This one should be around 13-14 inches tall. I'll try to post pics on the Facebook page as I go today, don't know about the internet availability :-( 

Have a fantastic day, I hope you have some time to do something you love. Please post your pics on the page, I love seeing your projects. Thanks for stopping in today, I appreciate you.

happy happy crafting,



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