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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Day Out

I got that bear from paper to fur and cut out yesterday. It is fray stopped and ready to go. I also got the preliminary pinning done. I am amazed at how much the fur looks like an old time string mop! 

We cleaned the house, had a nice pasta lunch with Shane's mom, and played with the dogs too! Oh and we voted early so we didn't have to go out yesterday. I am sure the polls were busy.

Still working on the double wedding ring quilt as well. I have some more arcs done and ready to sew the second side on. Seems this task is daunting, but I just make small goals for a big quilt! I think this is the longest I have worked on a single quilt top. BUT, I love it!!
Here are the teddy bear pieces drying waiting for me to pin.  I usually have to wait quite a while, but in Arizona we have a dry climate and it dried quite quickly under the ceiling fan. It's ready for me to start today.  Can't wait to get going!
I took this picture so you could see the length of the fur. I was shocked when I actually started cutting. It doesn't look this long on the piece I cut him from! I am going to have to pluck this one's face for sure! The bear will never be able to see with this mop over his eyes! 

Well, I have kits to mail out and we are going into Phoenix today for lunch with Shane's work. He also organizes the 5K run for the employees, so he needs to meet and talk to his new runners. It should be an interesting day. You know what I'm going to be doing....hand stitching this big guy! I hope you enjoy your day, get out those paint brushes, dust off the sewing machine, find the knitting needles and wool, and think of me having lunch with a bunch of engineers.............

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate you more than you know.

quilt piece-fully,


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